Daily Exam

Morning Moment: Morning Prayer
by Pastor Phil Larson

Daily examination of life is a good practice. Take your day and compare it to the truth of the Bible, the Word of God. Resist falling prey to self aggradation. When we surround ourselves with others like us, we find out all of us might be wrong. Put the test to the Bible, the Word of God, versus an article or a facebook post or a political or media monologue. God designed and fashioned you for a purpose that matches His revealed truth. He is not confused by the meanderings of the mind of the world.

Let’s Pray:
Good morning, Father. You are my light and my life. In you Iive and move and have my being. In You I find rest and peace and strength. You are God and there is no other.
My mind is not a god.
My desires are not a god.
My health is not a god.
My wealth is not a god.
I repent of allowing any pursuit in life to take priority over You and Your kingdom in Jesus revealed by the Holy Spirit.
You are God and all others must bow before you.
I bow before You, Father.
I submit myself to You and Your will for my life.
I submit myself to the leadership You have placed over me.
I submit myself to my marriage and family to love, honor, and cherish.
I submit myself to my church family as a gift You have given to me.
I repent, Lord and Father, of all that is not of You and Your will for me.
Free me from those mistaken patterns that keep coming back.
I take authority over every thought that sets it self up against Your will and Your way.
I bring captive every idea that is not of You.
Father, I come with my life. It is against You that I break promises. It is against You I walk the wrong path. It is a violation of Your great promise of peace when we allow anger to rule. It is a violation of Your great promise of security when we permit adultery, immoral involvements, envy, and strife to rule us. It is a violation of Your great promise of glory when we allow abuse and greed and selfish gain to distort our relationships. Forgive us, Lord, and free us.
Today, You are my God.
Let Your glory guide my decisions.
Let Your peace rule my actions.
Let Your security overwhem my vision.
Let You be seen in me that others might find You.

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